About Jane’s Cupcakes


Jane's cupcakes are brought to life by Jane Blackman (A Directors Chef in The City untill the arrival of her two boys forced her into early retirement!) in her kitchen in Steeple Bumpstead on the Essex/ Suffolk border. They are all lovingly homemade and hand-iced, using only the very loveliest of things including free range eggs and Belgian chocolate curls. Jane's Cupcakes make a beautifully different type of gift, whether to just say thank-you, or for a special occasion, or even to prove just how fashionable and clever you are to give cupcakes.  They are available to order over the phone or by e-mail bigjaneyb@btinternet.com and and also at Steeple Bumpstead Farmers Market (4th Sat of the month) and Linton Farmers Market (1st Sat of the month) Take a cheeky peek at the gallery and on Facebook to appreciate their true beauty - they do love to be admired!

Jane's cupcakes also make lovely squidgy icing laden occasion cakes, ideal for a birthday or anything else worth celebrating, like getting a new pair of shoes or going a whole week on a diet. They are 7" in diameter and consist of 2 or 3 layers of sponge cake sandwiched with buttercream , then smothered sides and top with more of the same - don't be alarmed, there's plenty of sponge there to tame the precocious buttercream! They are then decorated with swirls of (more!) buttercream and fondant flowers (and sweeties too if you fancy). They come in Vanilla, Lemon or Chocolate and cost £15.00 and £20.00.

If you have enough cupcakes to warrant their own seating we have a 7 tier cupcake stand available to hire for a charge of £10.00. The stand will seat up to 100 cupcakes, or you could sit an occasion cake on one of the upper tiers and nestle the cupcakes on the lower tiers, giving you the ceremony of cutting the cake but not actually having to give any of it away, just the cupcakes. Alternatively we can make a mini version of the larger cakes 5" in diameter with just 2 layers, to top the cupcake stand and provide even more tiers for even more cupcakes, these cost just £10.00 and after the party you can eat it all up on your own with a spoon!


Please ring so we can arrange delivery or collection.