Here are some of our tasty flavours...

Chocolate sponge with chocolate butter cream,
and decorated with all kinds of lovely chocolatey things!

Lemon sponge with lemon curd, vanilla butter cream
and pretty fondant decorations.

Pastel Flowers
Vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream,
topped with sprinkles and sugar flowers.

Coffee and Walnut
Coffee cupcake topped with coffee butter cream,
chopped walnuts and dark chocolate.

'I love you' Cupcake
Chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream
and red fondant hearts and flowers.

Kiddies Cupcake
A chocolate or vanilla cupcake, topped with vanilla, pink vanilla,
or chocolate butter cream, and decorated with sweeties.

Raspberry and White Chocolate
Vanilla sponge with chunks of white chocolate and raspberries,
topped with raspberry puree buttercream.

Chocolate Toffee Mallow
Chocolate cake filled with toffee and marshmallow, topped
with chocolate buttercream and mini marrshmallows.

Chocolate Orange
Chocolate orange cake, chocolate orange buttercream
and a segment of Terrys Chocolate Orange.

Pretty in Pink
Vanilla sponge with strawberry jam middle, topped with
strawberry flavour buttercream and pink sprinkles.

Chocolate Mars Bar
Chocolate cake with a caramel filling, topped with
chocolate buttercream and a chunk of Mars Bar.